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with this tool you can get the METAR Weater
information from around the world!
News posted at: (13.07.2016 15:44:56)

Dear Members and visitors of the website - Please note, the site is quite old and no longer maintained, but you can visit to check the new swiss webhosting services. Which is still operating in 2016.

Please have a look at the Hosting Plans to find out which plan fits best for your needs!
Note: you can allways add more options & extras!

You have now also the possibility of Parking a Domain, if you have registered one, but can not maintain the website we can provide it a default page so, that the domain is reachable even while you haven't finished your website creation!

Also the domain configuration is beeing checked automatically every day, but still if you intend doing changes, please inform us as soon as possible.

If you are a member of the SSIS, you can also Login into the WEBMAIL System at as well as via the form on Top.
Please use the Feedback-form or the WEBADMIN message-system or send a mail to when you have any questions or suggestions concerning the change from free hosting to paid hosting, thanx a lot !!

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