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Hello, everybody, I would really like to hear a bit from you,
what you think of this Hosting, so please write it below, thanx a lot!

Name:* Curdin Gees
Country:* Switzerland


ZIP*/Town:* - 5600 - Lenzburg
ICQ#: 7694309
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36 - CarrieWam - 14.11.2016 07:24:01 - ICQ#367344415

Kralupy Nad Vltavou - CarrieWam
Czech Republic / Czech Republic 
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35 - cialis_for_sale - 19.10.2016 20:12:32 - ICQ#132157342
Yako - cialis_for_sale
Burkina Faso / Burkina Faso 

Maintain the amazing job !! Lovin' it!

34 - cialis_brand - 19.10.2016 13:54:48 - ICQ#132157342
Yako - cialis_brand
Burkina Faso / Burkina Faso 

Superb web page you have got there.

33 - Curdin Gees - 05.02.2007 09:44:04 - ICQ#7694309
5600 - Lenzburg
Aargau / Switzerland 

32 - Gfr Borner - 28.09.2004 11:31:33

4125 - Riehen
Ritorno schon gekriegt? Leider wurde mein WK im schönen Tessin vorzeitig beendet :-) Mäld mi ab Gfr Borner PS: Terveisiä siviilielämästä.

31 - EKF BAT 52 KP1 Sdt Lienhard - 19.09.2004 11:24:17
4310 - Rheinfelden
Hallo super essen auf der Wochenendwache des WK's 04...R E S P E K T... Greets a alli

30 - Mike - 24.12.2003 18:45:37
5214 - Vancovuer
Canada / Vancouer 
Great Site!!

29 - Lars Karvonen - 15.05.2002 10:03:08

82730 - Tuupovaara
Hello Curdin! I saw your message at Outi's guestbook and decided to have a look at your page. It looks great. We are glad to hear that everything is fine with you. Our best wishes to you. Lasse and Riitta

28 - Fiorella - 02.05.2002 23:33:52 - ICQ#??
22152 - Sprinfield
Fairfax County, Virginia / United States 
This is cool...what ur doin' and all but ur directions are a bit confusing...I have my site at geocities and I want to transfer it here and I don't know how! Okay ...well great job!

27 - Outi Karvonen - 22.04.2002 10:18:23
70100 - Kuopio
Suomi - Finnland 
Hei Curdin, mitä kuuluu? Vieläkö puhut suomea? Terveisiä täältä huhtikuisesta Kuopiosta, lämpöä on 8 celsiusta.

26 - rika - 02.01.2002 17:27:46
74170 - tere
hello curdin! I hope that you are having a safe holiday season! I can't believe that it is already 2002! Where did 2001 go? Anyways.. happy new year! Love

25 - David Jarvis - 05.12.2001 17:59:07
nov - nnn
uk / uk 
your site rocks

24 - Picapau Amarelo (Emily) - 03.12.2001 20:01:14 - ICQ#62879091
85900-000 - Toledo
Paraná / Brasil 
Oi, Tudo bom? Eu gosto muito de! Muito legal! Me chute por favor... Eu sou louca!! Hi, its Emily... I am just bored, dunno what to do. My portuguese really sux, basically that just says I like, Kick me please and I am crazy... or at least thats what I was TRYIN to say.

23 - Laura - 24.11.2001 15:38:28
1225 - Chêne-Bourg
Thanks for putting so much efforts in the past week to get everything back up. ;o) Good work curdin!

22 - Rika - 10.11.2001 18:48:11 - ICQ#102393777
74170 - S. Paulo
heya! wut should i say? you do a really good job here. you're so attentive and patient... and i'm glad that i'm being hosted here, althought you said you're tired of hanson sites lol keep rockin, RiKa

21 - Jonathan Coley - 01.09.2001 23:08:02 - ICQ#121274478
38139 - Memphis
Hey Curdin! Thanks for the great.. !!FREE!! service you've given our site. More features than even pay hosting could give us, and awesome tech support! Keep up the good work.

20 - Laurel Teixeira - 10.08.2001 19:24:32 - ICQ#12504670
94536 - Fremont
Calif. / USA 
Hey Curdin This is such a great service, I really appreciate it being out there!!! I'm so glad that you were also there to help me when I couldn't figure out my FTP. :) Thanks! -Laurel

19 - Laura - 08.08.2001 11:04:15
1225 - chêne - bourg
Geneva / switzerland 
Hey Curdin! There.. I hope this time your GB will let me sign it! lol. So anyway, I just wanted to say that you're a great guy, and your work is amazing! I'm sure all the hostees will join me to agree! You're amazing to take care of all the request and the domains, good work *claps hands* Take care! *mwah* Laura

18 - Matt Lazarou - 07.08.2001 23:06:44
L6S 1L1 - Brampton
Canada, Ontario / Canada 
Hey curdin, you are the best thanks for all the help man. Wish their were more people like you, such friendly guy. Keep up the good work.

17 - dustin law - 04.08.2001 11:15:58

s6v7g9 - Prince Albert
Looks professional. Enjoy working with you. Dustin

16 - Jad - 03.08.2001 18:22:12
15905 - Johnstown
hey curdin! sorry for getting you mad the other day! =) i truly appreciate you giving free webspace to others...without you getting anything! =) well i guess that's it. God bless.

15 - Matt Lazarou - 02.08.2001 20:30:24
L6S 1L1 - Brampton
Canada, Ontario / Canada 
I just wanted to say ever since i got my fully qualified domain i just noticed now how powerful the web admin interface is. Keep up the good work. Maybe soon all make you a .pl script on my linux box to fight any incoming viruses for yea lol some day. Once again great job.

14 - Lars-Christian Simonsen - 01.08.2001 02:34:07
9303 - Silsand
Troms / Norway 
Hey. Just wanna say thanx for the magnificent hosting you provide! It's the best ever. And the best part is the support you provide! I reccomend you to all of my friends!

13 - Tauseef - 01.08.2001 01:47:01 - ICQ#123203064
2200 - Copenhagen
DK / Denmark 
okay ijust forgot to say that the most wondfullthing on curdins webhosting is Zero adds,that's the thing which i like that he dose not display any adds on the pages, like others do. it's just wicked.

12 - Tauseef - 01.08.2001 01:37:58 - ICQ#123203064
2200 - Copenhagen
DK / Denmark 
First of all i would like to thank Mr. curdin for this service he is providing to me and all others like me,I know zero abt any ASP programing or programing, all i know is html and not so good. But curdin has been helping me trough everyting related to the web, he has been building my site, and i'm greatfull for that.i have never experienced THE service he provided to me.I mean there are alots of other hosting provider but they do not assist one like curdin do. my pages are and both have alots of stuff made but curdin. i just love the hosting and the personal help he provide to members.I wish him best of luck and hope that he will keep it like that. Tauseef Denmark

11 - jane - 31.07.2001 22:42:22
92692 - mission viejo
california / united states 
hi! this is such a great service :). best of luck!

10 - Jen Ramirez - 31.07.2001 20:48:58 - ICQ#125462242
92307 - Av.
CA / United States 
Hello! Hey, great site. Thanks for all your help!! Keep up the awesome work. Take care..Jen

9 - Jennifer - 31.07.2001 20:24:54
67212 - Wichita
Wahoo! Curdin got a guestbook! :-) Well, my computer died, so I can't update my site at all, or check my email! Oh no!! But I'm getting that fixed, and hopefully soon! Later. Jen

8 - Matt Lazarou - 31.07.2001 20:14:20 - ICQ#111501466
L6S 1L1 - Brampton
Brampton, Ontario / Canada 
I've had a great time, and experience working with you on the opennap servers. Your web hosting services have improved dramatically with new features, and it's much more stable, reliabe, and secure. Keep up the good work. Matt Lazarou!!

7 - William - 31.07.2001 20:05:42
25701 - Huntington
West Virginia / USA 
Great hosting. Had some glitches along the way, but hey its been a great expierence, and thanks for the inexpensive service.

6 - Don Ferguson - 30.07.2001 00:26:35 - ICQ#6551001
2540 - Vincentia
New South Wales / Australian 
Great service ,fiendly advice, the best hosting on the net, thanks Curdin keep up the good work

5 - Manfred Ortsik - 29.07.2001 22:29:20
4600 - Wels
Hi. Curdin, wirklich tolles Feature dein Gästebuch. Jetzt muß mir eben nur etwas einfallen das ich dir hinein schreiben kann ;-) keep up the good work.

4 - Claudia + Peter Klinser - 29.07.2001 21:39:52
4209 - Engerwitzdorf
Hi Curdin, hier ein kleiner Spruch für alle die nicht so erfahren sind im Netz der Netze : Der Cyberspace machte mir solche Angst, dass mir ein Download in die Hose ging!

3 - Obnoxious Emily - 29.07.2001 19:02:15 - ICQ#62879091
06488 - Southbury aka Cowtown
Hi Curdin, whats up? You webhosting kicks ass. Its the best server I've ever been on! Keep up the excellent work.

2 - Kaspar Schmid - 29.07.2001 17:53:08 - ICQ#8092630
8057 - Zurich
Nicht übel, das Angebot... ich vermisse bloss noch den Hinweis, wie das ganze finanziert ist... Kaspar

1 - Curdin Gees - 29.07.2001 16:10:30 - ICQ#7694309
5600 - Lenzburg
Aargau / Switzerland  
Let me see if this works.. oh yeah.. isn't it great ?

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