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Yes I know.. Info-Radio is one of the best Airlines in the world.. too bad.. that after more than 75 years of quality service and secure easy flights, all is going down.. What makes me really cry, is, that all those happenings are the result of a Bad Management, that simply had too much money in their hands and who bought other companies like parts of Sabena or LTU or Southafrican Airways Southafrican Airlines.. and then they moved out parts of the SR Technics (**SOLD**), one of the most precise company who does all kinds of Airplain Checks and Repairs, to Southafrica... and GateGourmet (**SOLD**), the company that makes sure that passengers get the very best food ever.. not only during Swissair-Flights and not only in Zürich at the Unique Airport but also at a big number of other countries.. they were the first one to use natural grown food :-) All of them do have big money problems now.. and they start reducing the number of workers.

With the help of the government and economical big companies all hope to make it possible, that a new National Airline can get into the footsteps of Swissair and provide the same great, fast, Intercontinental and European Flights, we are used to.. Even at the lowest prices ever found!! The whole reorganisation is a long - time awaited step, that unfortunatly can't be done without cutting down the numbers of jobs.. as number of Passengers have lowered down for at least 1/3.. during 2001 compared to the year 2000.

Now there is Crossair who operated only in short and middle range European Flights.. and coz they offer lower prices than Swissair and coz of the diffrent marketsegement.. they were able to keep themselfs alive. In only 1 month all started to get out.. by the press, that Swissair has more than 17 billion SFR of dept and the Banks didn't provide Swissair the needed money before oil-company said, they don't give petrol till they get money.. which then in fact resulted in a Grounding of all Swissair Airplanes for 48 hours.. The image of Swissair has been crashed.. especially for those 3000 passengers who were stuck at Zürich Airport.

SwissairThe next step was to push the Government to give money.. which they did.. just to keep Swissair in the air till the end of October, when Crossair should take over ( now in January 2002 they actually started to take over most of the Swissairflights) - as known by now 26 Long and 26 short Flight Aircrafts.. out of around 50 each.. at least it's not Swissair the owner of the airplains it's the company called Flight Lease AG.. so that's a relief (small one). This take-over costs around 4500 jobs.. ( not all in Switzerland though )!


All Pilots (Swissair Pilots assossiation Aeropers), Cabin Crew, or workers of CargoLogic or(**SOLD**) Swissport ( where a friend of mine was working.. ) and many other small parts like Skyguide where I wanted to work.., be it from the Crossair side or from Swissair.. yes the good old Swissair crashed by the management.. should keep together and make the NEW SWISS Airline ( yes we still don't know the name.. ) be a valuable partner for everybody in the future!! At least 4 billion SFR from government and from the economy.. should help to keep the winter flight plan working out.. and giving a good state for a new start..

Now in January 2002 finally the Town Zürich said YES to the 300 million SFR credit for the new Airline and with this 4400+ jobs have been saved!! And former Swissair workers have a light that due to the good ticketsails and coz of the concurs-mass, they might be able to save at least partly the social plans...

AOM / Air LibertéThe latest News is, that the battle with AOM/Air Liberté is not over yet, as they blocked several million SFR from the ticketsails of Crossair, coz they say.. it's the Swissair's mis management that put them in deep problems and Crossair is the next company beeing responsible till the NEW Swiss Airline starts...

Swisscargo will stop it's activities in March 2002.. Crossair is probably going to start it's own cargo service..



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